You and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Diet Kinda Day

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Hey, Darlin - if you have anything a little weirdo going on with food or loving the body you are in – you are most definitely NOT alone.  BUT there is something you need to know – it is 100% NOT about you.  

It is not about your worth, your lack of self control, what you are capable of creating, doing, having, or being in the world.  And most emphatically any weirdness with your weight does not equate to your lovability factor.

There are clear cut reasons why things might have gone a little wonky with your relationship to your body and food but all of them are fixable and none of them are about the goodness of all things you. And there is a ton of science to prove it.

Let’s talk about the D word.  DIET.  And why it is the worst of all the four letter words.  I truly believe this the most toxic thing that we can do to our relationship with our self and our behavior around food.  .

UCLA did a study on all of the published diet studies that monitored patients over two to five years and the results were conclusive.  (That’s right - not some published results -  The patients initially lost a little bit of weight but within a short time thereafter they gained the weight back AND MORE.

But wait.  It gets worse.  Not only did more than 95%+ of the patients fail on the diet and gain back more weight from where they had started… the studies also showed the diets led to food obsession (can you relate?!), emotional distress and dunh, dunh dunh…  binge eating.

They would have been better off never ever going on a diet in the first place!!!!!

So, My Love.  I want you to kick that diet to the curb.  I know it is scary and you think you will end up face down in a bowl of Doritos but I promise you can still lose weight and feel great without counting a single calorie, point or carb.

To begin, let’s break a few myths and give you back your power.  As a natural rule breaker this makes me very very happy.  If it makes you slightly squirmy I have included some sources along the way so you know that I’m a rebel with a cause (YOU, you are my cause) that is backed by sound science. 

Diet Myth 101


You are not a combustion engine or a debit account.  You my glorious creature are a chemistry lab.  Every thought, feeling and action (especially actions including food and movement) create a symphony of chemical reactions that surge through your body and directly impact all things you.  When we learn how to balance our hormones amazing things begin to happen around our mood and our weight all without a daily diary of calories.

Calorie reduction is only a tiny little sliver of a short term story of losing weight; yet it has been sold as the way, the only way, or you might as well take the highway to Humpty Dumpy Doomsday. 

As someone who has lost 50 pounds and kept it off for years without counting one single calorie I wholeheartedly disagree.  And in fact.  So does a growing body of research.

Studies show that a wide variety of formerly unknown factors can impact your basal metabolic factor:

So, if just this short list can create a variance of caloric burn of up to 50% without even including exercise, lean body mass or the quantity and type of calories consumed… maybe there is more to the story here.  (There is.  In fact Gary Taubes wrote a few books about it. Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It or Good Calories, Bad Calories)

It turns out that a long-used rule of weight loss — reduce 3,500 calories(or burn an extra 3,500) to lose one pound of body fat — is incorrect and can ultimately doom determined dieters.
– Dr. Kevin D. Hall and his colleagues at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

The truth of weight loss lies in the QUALITY and not the quantity of your food.  Your biology is built upon the DNA of our ancestors that ate real, deeply nourishing food in order to thrive in much more challenging surroundings. When you return to the wisdom of the body through intuitive eating and deep nutrition the need for modern dieting goes out the door.  Our great great grannies never counted calories and neither should you.


Next UP - Myth Buster #2 : Exercising To Lose Weight


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