I Am The Warrioress

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately.  Mostly that I miss you.  There has been too much space from the noisiness of life and I have missed this.  Connecting the rhythm of our hearts through the ebb and flow of the page.  And I have missed hearing from you - sharing in the glory days and living haze.

There is this churning in my soul of unsaid somethings that if they ever disappeared into the thin air of nothings a part of my heart would be swallowed into the underworld of regret.  For you are my dream.  The dream that we belong to each other.  And together we rise up and breathe life into the gorgeous unfolding of becoming the kind of women who are unequivocally.  And Unapologetically…

Happy.  Deep down in the marrow of her bones riding the contraction and expansion of the joy to be alive in all of life’s glory.

Healthy.  So radiant with life she ravages every ounce of living because she feels that.damn.good.

And FREE.  free to become exactly who she was made to be.  Because we need her.   We need you.  For your radiance is a permission slip to free another sister’s soul.

This dream I have of you.  Of us.  It is coming.  I can feel the rolling thunder of the coming year…  For this is the year of the silence breakers, the rule changers, the soul shakers and the world changers.

This is the year of the warrior woman.

A warrior is disciplined in her training.
A woman knows that pleasure is the gateway to her power.

A warrior is fierce in the face of fear and still moves forward.
A woman knows that desire is her roadmap.

A warrior fights on the side of light and liberation for all.
A woman knows that love is the root of her purpose. And purpose is the fuel to her fire.

This is the year that our great great grandmothers dreamed of.  Where we stand in the fire of change and become the women they were not allowed to be.  Fiercely Free for all to see. 

This is the year we join hands and raise our voices to declare:

I am the keeper of my body
The master of my mind
And the champion of my destiny

In 2018.  Who will you be?  For me. 

This is the year I move past resolutions and into resolve.
I am the Warrioress of my dreams.
For I am finally free to be me.


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