If You Need A Light At The End Of Your Health Journey Tunnel

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I know, I know I talk a lot about my booty and what a weirdo I am with food but sometimes I think I forget to tell you a few of the MIRACLES that happened outside of the size of my ass – how food has saved my life, healed my children and continues to support my fab five into becoming better than we were before.

I was a real life bubble girl.

I grew up in a bubble.  Quite literally.  For years I lived in a tent with a breathing machine and a humidifier.  In HIGH SCHOOL (talk about cramping your ability to get dates).  I had horrible asthma that they could.not.control. regardless of the medication I was on.  And I was on a lot.

I got better.

 I got better when we learned I had celiac disease and had to remove all gluten and dairy from my diet (and later rice).  But I still had a lot of recovering to do from the medications.  AND I was still living at home with a Betty Crocker of a mama who made perfect gluten free meals.  I had not yet been introduced into the world of beer and boys and heartbreak. 

The Real World Kicked My Ass

I was a small town girl that went to college and realized I was just another face in a sea of much prettier, smarter, funnier – I’ve got my shit together kinda girls.  I was no longer the small town sweetheart I had imagined myself to be and was drowning in my lack of self worth.  This is exactly where I started doing exactly what most lost twenty years olds do. 

I started looking for love in all the wrong faces, validation from the cliché kinda places and started doing weirdo things with food and money and booze and dudes.  But I thought I could fix all of that if I was just pretty enough (aka skinny).

The Starving.  Binging.  Purging.  Taking a shit ton of diet pills.  Finding ephedra at gas stations to add into my diet pills.  Purging via laxatives. All which had the complete OPPOSITE effect I wanted and the more I dieted the more I weighed until it was rapidly approaching 200 pounds.

My endometriosis was so painful two weeks out of the month I begged my doctor for a hysterectomy.  At 25.  They told me I couldn’t have kids anyway – so what was the point?  Thankfully, he said no.

My acne was out of control, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, experienced anxiety that was de.bil.itat.ing,.  Like make up crazy lies because I was struggling to leave my house and would end up binging my face off kind of crazy.

Life was a hard, dark, bottomless black hole

I didn’t really know how I was going to change this.  Really.  I only saw my life spiraling out of control and pointed to a deep dark vacuum of nonexistence.  Until I found spirituality and deep nutrition.

Spirituality + Deep Nutrition Saved My Life

I poured myself into healing from the inside out and was willing to do anything, try anything just to FEEL BETTER. And I did.  And the better I felt the better my relationship with food and my body became.  And the more I loved myself the weight just kinda fell off – 30 pounds of it.

THEN, I got into eating real food, and preparing the food the way our great grannies did AND I UNLOCKED THE MOST AMAZING HEALTH.  And without even trying another 20 pounds fell off.

But more than the weight… all of the sudden all of my other issues that used to plague me were gone.  My anxiety, my acne, depression, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, asthma, binge eating and yes finally the size of my ass.

SO!  The point of the story is I like to make up cheeky songs and make fun of my former self but I believe with my entire heart of hearts – whatever you are experiencing – there is the potential to lose weight AND upgrade your biology to be as healthy, and happy and free as you want to be.

I am here to help you figure out how.

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