Life Rules Of An Ex-Hot Mess

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Do you know about Crazy Town?  I do.  I used to live there.  Sometimes still do.  Thankfully it is usually just a short trip since I have resigned as mayor of LocoLand.

BUT.  When I get a little off track and make a trip back to see Cry Baby Katie or Cut Throat Kate I pull out the rules that guide me back home to my Ex Hot Mess Reality.

Thought maybe you would want a map too? 

Let me know if they work for you too!  

#1 - Life is happening FOR you  

You don’t have to believe this.  It is just easier if you do.

#2 - Reality rules 

All arguments against reality are resistance of what is.  And what you resist.  Persists.  So, reframe reality in a way that serves you.  Then pleasurably persist away.

#3 - Thoughts are things

You have a mind that thinks thoughts.  You are not these thoughts.  But you are the CHOOSER of the thoughts you call true.  Choose the good ones (a.k.a. the ones that serve you)

#4 - Mind your business

Anything outside of you and this moment is not your business.  The future, the past, someone else’s decisions, opinions (including those about you) are not your business. 

How do I know?  You do not have any ounce of control outside of YOU and this MOMENT… therefore, it  is nunz yo beeswax.  Anything else is arguing with reality.  See #2.

#5 - Own Your Vibration Nation

You are in charge of the energy you bring into a room and the energy in which you surround yourself.  Wanna live high vibe with a rocking tribe??  Become responsible for your energy.


KNow any mama's that need a trip to the reality of an ex-hot mess?? 
Share away, my darling...

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Katherine Wild