You vs. The Oreo


We’ve been sold a lie.

We’ve been told that the only way to lose weight is to count calories, fat grams, points, and exercise.  And if you can’t figure it out then there is something wrong with YOU. Not the plan.

We’ve been taught that our input must be less than the output and quality doesn’t really matter as long as we learn how to jenny shake our way into a smaller size.  

But don’t worry Darlin’, if you’re hungry along the lean cuisine way, just scrimp on your macros with a 100 calorie frankenfood snack pack,  which of course is what all the skinny, pretty girls do.  (...or so the commercials imply)

Crude food + diet mentality has raped our relationship with food, our bodies and our health.

This is not an exaggeration.

Big food intentionally creates products to override our biology to increase consumption of their food resulting in bigger profits (1, 2, 3, 4).  All while the diet industry serves up a direct plan to disordered eating by teaching us to ration the food that was designed to make us overeat.

Fuckers.  They have a name for us too…  “Heavy users.

Let me tell you a story about the Oreo and China.

Kraft was having a wee bit of a problem with selling their stick that in your milk and dunk it Oreo. American’s were eating 25M a day.  But the Chinese… not so much.  When Kraft rolled out the Oreo to China in 1996 it was a complete bust.  The Chinese said it was too sweet, too bitter and made them feel sick. So, Kraft cut the sugar in half.  And yet - it was still too sweet. So, they cut the sugar again. (1)

Do you know what happens when a cookie isn’t loaded with heavy sugar, salt and fat?  No one eats it.  

Without the deadly combo of high sugar, salt and fat your smart body hits a natural satiated factor and decides it’s had enough about one or two cookies in - instead of ten.  Which is great for your belt line but not their bottom line. (1, 2)

Almost 10 years later Kraft had only captured a lack lust 3% of the market.  Not the knock it out of the park sensation they were used to with the US and with the massive population of China, they knew they were leaving money on the table.

So, how did Kraft turn it around in just a few short years to go from 3% to 15% of the entire Chinese cookie market?  They hired the best psychologists, best chemists, and best marketers to reinvent the Oreo, asian style.

They created 20 different flavor formulations to understand which one drove the most consumption.  They changed the shape into a wafer cone with the cream in the middle and shifted their commercials from celebrities to children - the center of the Chinese family. (1,2,)

They did what great businesses do.  They hired the smartest people in world to find out how to increase their market share and drive new sales through higher consumption.

“Bottom line being, though, that we need to ensure that our products taste good, because our accountability is also to our shareholders. And there’s no way we could start down-formulating the usage of salt, sugar, fat if the end result is going to be something that people do not want to eat.”  
-- Stephen Sanger, Former Chairman and CEO of General Mills,

Yet, as Kraft, YUM YUM, General Mills and Nestle (Big Food) increased their China market share -- are you ready?? -- the weight of the nation went up as their health went down.  The growing middle class were trading their traditional diets for frankenfood fanfare and their health was beginning to mirror that of other developed nations, including the US.

But the really scary part is that they went from “from famine to gluttony in a generation.” eating the same processed food that US companies market and sell to us.  

So, what’s a Hot Mother to do??

This is where you and me and our collective One Hot Mother WE come in.  Instead of fighting against Big Food and the Diet Industry I want you to learn how to become the master your biology by opting out.  

Opt out entirely by eating REAL FOOD.  

When you choose high quality, organic foods your body will tell you when to eat.  What to eat. How much and when to stop. But you CANNOT hear these ques when you are eating fake food.

Real, high quality food is the secret ingredient to help you lose weight, feel great and begin to rock out life as your one hot self. So, if you really want to upgrade your biology while giving the middle finger to Big Food and Diets…

Eat the OHM WAY = real food


Whew - that was a long one .  

Tell me… where are you on the journey to eating real food?  What do you need in order to be more successful?  Enter your email below so we can work through this together.  

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