Ladies, We Are Going For GLOrious

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Ladies and Gents...  
We are going for GLO - rious!

Infusing your system with a variety of leafy greens on a daily basis is a potent elixir of sexiness.  It will light up your skin, tighten up your ass-ets, and bring your swank to a whole new level.

Salads and sides are part of the daily dish.  But if you wanna take it up a notch there are two ways to do it: Green Juice and Smoothies.  Feeling sassy?  Court 'em both --

Guaranteed to turn a body on.

So, let’s get down to the GLO of it.  Leafy greens are the healthiest food on the planet, bar none.  In their raw form they are filled to the brink with captured sunlight in the form of chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is what makes my little heart’s world go round. Look at just a few of the benefits this Green Goodness brings to the table.

  • cleanses the liver

  • regulates menstruation

  • improves milk production

  • helps to prevent cancer

  • counteracts toxins

  • cleans and deodorizes the body from the inside out

  • reduces inflammation

  • eliminates constipation


And my two favorite reasons to increase ‘em --

greens make ya pretty & help with gettin' skinny  

Whoa.  Sign me up.  

When I first began the adventures with juice and smoothies my life exploded with amazingness.  I lost weight, had tons of energy, my depression lifted, addictions went out the window, ailments ceased and goodness flowed.

Turn your nooner, into a latin lover (recipe provided below) and I promise it is your magical ticket to GLOwing the one hot mother way.

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Katherine Wild