Why We Need You To Be YOU

we want you to be you

Welcome to earth.

You are a child of Life,
a sister and brother of humanity,
Born in the heart of Our Cosmic Family.

You are connected to all living things in this shared reality. Your genetic codes contain messages from the Universe. Everything you need to unlock your destiny can be found within.

The mind, body & breath are your tools.

When you learn to strengthen the tools you were given, you unlock your greatest Destiny.

Yet, as women, we are taught that we aren’t our body. 
That it isn’t a part of the experience unless it looks and feels a certain way.   

In order to exist it needs to be thin enough, smart enough, pretty enough, never angry, always clean, covered up and under control. That it is used for other people’s pleasure to view, to touch, to serve but never our own. 

We are taught that our bodies are not to be trusted.  
Hunger is the enemy, emotions are messy, intuition is for the ignorant and that yes – you can be whoever you want to be as long as you don’t step out of the unspoken rules of society. 


What if none of that was true?

  • What if your body was your friend?

  • One of your greatest allies?

  • What if following her desires and feelings was the fastest path to your dreams?

  • And anything that has gone a little wonky along the way was only a call back home to the wisdom of your glorious God Pod?

My Darling, you do not need to wait until you have lost the weight, feel your best, have the job or secured the relationship to feel worthy and loved. 

What if you already are?

Already worthy. 
Already loved.

Free to be
you want
to be.

  • What would your life look like if you knew that to be true?

  • How would you feel about your body?

  • What would you go out and do?

  • Who is this woman you are becoming?

  • How are you setting her free?


Your wild soul
was created on purpose. 

For you.  For us.  For all the world to see as you unfold into the woman you were made to be.  Because we belong to each other and the brighter your light my darling, the more you shine the path of unfolding for another.

So, Light it up.

Because the bigger, and bolder, and braver version of all things YOU,
is exactly the person we need you to be.

OHM with me now.  Because with a light as bright as yours...

we are
redefining hot
to a woman on FIRE.

One Hot Mother - How to look and feel your best