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The One Thing I Want My Kids To Know

You are still my kittens and fixing the hurt and holding your pain is done wrapped in my arms with whispers of dreams and stars. But I’m already thinking about how to prepare you for the days when the world does not see all of your perfection and the hurt is greater than you are willing to share and your pain is screamed in silence.  

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Raising Our Boys to be Feminist Men

My Dad is a feminist.  Now, don’t go telling him I called him that on the inter-webs.  We’ve never officially talked about me labeling him one of my two favorite F words.  But.  Growing up we did lots of talking about how I can do anything that a boy can do.  And there was always the slight hint that I might be able to do it even better.  

(what’s a dad of three girls to do... eh?)

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